axellerate’s point of difference springs from our brand position. Reach that extra gear and axellerate your performance. ‘We are committed to offering high quality, latest technology apparel with the most efficient communication and delivery turnaround possible.’ 

How are we acheiving that point of difference. axellerate has invested in its customers and the future. By this we mean, we now own and run the newest and largest custom sporting apparel factory in the southern hemisphere. Our new facility guarantees Axellerate can deliver consistent quality apparel in 3 to 6 weeks. 

With proven delivery timelines, quality assurances and trusted supply chains, axellerate has complete transparency control over from order placement, accounts approval, production, dispatch and delivery. Our key personnel embedded within the company ensures all deliverables and standards are not only met but exceeded. 

We also believe that reaching the extra gear extends to our service. With direct one to one contact, our accounts managers are experts in the field and are dedicated to ensuring an accelerated experience. 

Welcome to the axellerate experience!


axellerate has taken a stance against the use of plastics and is very in tune with environment changes globally. Our factory in Fiji regularly consults with the local community as to how best reduce our environmental footprint. 

axellerate are now leading the industry by using recycled materials to manufacture and package your order in a fabric drawstring gear bag for all our packaging. 

Therefore, no more individual plastic bags and bins of wastage. These great reusable fabric drawstring bags can be used as Jersey Gear bags or utility bags for your sporting club, team business or school. 

axellerate also works closely with our other supply chains to reduce wastage and recycle beyond pure compliance programs. 



Our axellerate team are continually innovating. Researching, current and new trends and the latest fabrics and print processes. 

Our latest innovations include sublimated collars, and Chamois strips to aid with sweat and moisture wiping. 


In an uncertain time, axellerate have moved to create certainty in the apparel industry. By creating our own factory in Fiji with the newest and most up to date equipment, we can provide greater quality control over the garment construction and testing process. 

Always looking to stay ahead of the game. axellerate are continually researching new trends, market innovation and inspiration. Dealing directly with the fabric merchants globally, attending the more traditional international trade shows, factory visits and trend research trips are all part of our quality assurance methodology. 

Our fabrics are the latest on trend and manufactured with the highest quality garment construction with all embellishments. Every single garment passes through strict quality control testing processes prior to dispatch. 




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Team wear / Retail – Stock

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Team wear / Retail – Stock

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